Choosing term or whole life.

Keep children age 25 insured.

Many members have more than one policy and are sometimes undecided about term and whole life coverage. Really learn the difference between the two. We will gladly work with you and walk you through benefits selections, goal setting, and problem solving through inquiries and comparisons.

You can keep your child insured past the age of 18. And although you will receive notices to update your adult child's policy in the event of turning age 25, we urge that you contact us or follow carefully the instructions mailed to you to address this important detail. In doing so, you can be certain your child's protection continues.

Ask about mortgage protection.

Your life insurance policy can grow.

God forbid that you would experience an accident fatal enough to impact your flow of income. But in the event of such an incident, we believe you should have the cushion to fall on while you are graced the time to pick up the pieces.  Ask us about mortgage protection and the benefits you deserve.

Understand that your insurance coverage is not limited to only you. Your policy may include, but is not limited to, spouse, parent or step-parent, children or step-children, grandparent, and grandchildren. If you have business-related  needs, let us help you extend that coverage too.


Valuate your homeowners insurance.

Auto Coverage is at your fingertips.

You consider value when you shop. Homeowners insurance is no different. Remember to not only take into account the value of insurance, but make certain one of our friendly and dependable agents is part of the process. These prevalent details may determine the adequacy of your coverage when it matters most.

You have great auto insurance. Now access it whenever you want through your phone app. Feel free to request changes, report claims; or if you simply need to review, share or copy your insurance ID, it's on your phone - at the scene. It's the easiest way to protect your auto and manage your policy wherever you go.

Build personal and business credit.

Be prepared with your will.

Whether you are starting out on your own or starting your own business, you may need a financial lift that requires credit.  Let's say you would like to purchase a home or you need to replace an unreliable car. A strong credit rating is key to realizing those goals. Consult one of our agents today to get started.

Get legal protection on matters that affect your life – whether it be your personal life or business. This is legal support that may include your home, auto, family, or assistance writing or revising your will. Choose to consult your lawyer before signing any legally binding document. We can help you get started.

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